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Tag Heuer’s MERIDIIST Luxury Phone

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Swiss watch making company Tag Heuer has released mobile phones worth 3,500 Euros, and they could be just the type you had been looking for since the release of the overly expensive Vertu phones. Although you may still be after one of them, Tag Heuer could be the brand you would go after right now. Vertu mobiles are a great buy, but the fact that their prices are more than 12,000 Euros, allows a nothing less than a ceremonial purchase. When an impressive mobile phone to set you apart from the crowd is all you have in mind, Tag Heuer’s MERIDIIST could be the one you are looking for.

Hand assembled, the phone is made of more than 400 pieces. High-end QVGA display is just one type of graphic featuresdesigned into the mobile phone. Besides that, you will get an OLED screen to make viewing easier. You get the date appearing on the head-edge of the mobile phone and a keypad made of the same durable material as used in the rest of the body. Tag Heuer has become a brand worth chasing in today’s market, as the mostof its products ensures a high stature of workmanship, be it in placing parts or ensuring instrumental precision in the mobile phone’s additional features.

MERIDIIST comes with a special sports speed camera capable of snapping up 2 Megapixel pictures in the most hindering photographic environments. Moreover, with the phone having a body highly resistant to wear and tear, you may be able to use it while venturing out onto challenging faces of the earth.

The Tag Heuer mobile phone comes with a battery capacity of 7 hours talking. This is far more than most competitively priced mobile phones which bearly have 3 hours of talk time designed for the batteries.  can be also turn out the right brand if you are crazy about games!

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