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The Most Expensive Sapphire in the World

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Gemstones are a symbol of luxury and status. All gemstones add a special meaning to its owner’s life and if it’s the most expensive sapphire, then the owner is sure to feel proud of himself. Yes! We are talking about the most expensive sapphire in the world! Sapphire, the beautiful blue gemstone that is sure to mesmerize any person with its glitter, has got a record in it’s name- being the most expensive gemstone. The first glimpse of the most expensive sapphire in the world was seen after the royal wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton. The Natural Sapphire Company created a news diamond and sapphire ring, styled after Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. This ring dons the most expensive sapphire in the world, costing $1.5 million.

The striking beauty, the magnificent features and the sky-high price makes this sapphire ring ost sought after. The great detailing and artistic work done on the ring make its beauty four-fold. Some brilliant features of the ring include the stunning natural blue sapphire that weighs 69.35 carats and is surrounded by eighteen diamonds that weigh 8 carats in total. The WS2-clarity gives the sapphire the shine it deserves. The retail price being over £900,000, this blue beauty is supposed to be the largest and the most expensive sapphire ring in the world. The quality of this ring is assured as ut is certified by four international gem laboratories, including the Gemological Institute of America.

The Natural sapphire Company claims that most expensive sapphire used in this ring has been brought from the Ceylon mines in Sri Lanka. This is the finest ring created by the company in their history of 72 years. With the price tag of $1.5 million this is the most expensive sapphire on sale around the world. There is nothing that can beat the beauty of this sapphire after all it is the most expensive sapphire in the world.

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