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The world’s most expensive converse shoes

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The origin of the modern and expensive converse shoes can be traced back to early decades of the twentieth century in Massachusetts, America. Presently it is better sold on the reputation of being a subsidiary of the famous brand Nike. It was started just as another shoe company that catered to all kinds of products for men, women and children. Gradually it moved on to manufacturing specialized shoes used in tennis and basketball. However, it accidentally got a shot in the arm when the renowned American basketball player Chuck Taylor complained with its line of products. The Converse brand not only offered him fulltime ambassadorship but forayed into fulltime and specialized basketball footwear and worldwide fame and glory.

Besides being popularly sported by eminent basketball starts like Maurice Evans and Kirk Hinrich, these expensive converse shoes have also managed to top the lists of style accessories. They are fully in harmony with denims and other casuals and have great demand among the college-going youth. Over the last decade or so they have acquired a novel and permanent symbolism of being the chic fashion statement. Priced well above most contemporary designs and other material in sports and casual-wear they have reinvented their image as to being the most in demand models. This success pattern has continued even in foreign markets, thereby helping the Converse label to wrest back the sales leadership from others like Adidas, Puma and Reebok.

Chuck Taylor and The Weapon continue to hold sway among the popular models of these expensive converse shoes. Others that come with a huge following are DC Comics, The Ramones, Sailor Jerry, The Clash, Dr. Seuss Grateful Dead, . The waxed canvas models along withAndover, Classic and Beverly series are some other variety. All these editions are international bestsellers and sport an extravagant price tag of $150 – $ 240 on an average. Their exponential growth can be gauged by the fact that still newer labels are being designed and lined up by professional Latin American and European designers to popular demand.

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